Karen Palmer merges Film, Storytelling, Technology and Neuroscience to create Emotionally Responsive Cognitive Film Experiences.

Karen Palmer is both an Award Winning International Artist and Public Speaker.

Her immersive films combine the genres of film, gaming, art, science and technology. She has just been honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Break Throughs in Storytelling 2016. In which Columbia DSL acknowledged the most innovative approaches to Narrative from the past year from around the world in the industries of art, entertainment, journalism and marketing.

Karen’s work falls into several main areas.

  • Multi Disciplinary Immersive Filmmaker.
  • Freelance Film Director.
  • Public Speaker & Guest Lecturer.
  • Workshop Creator / Facilitator.
  • Business Consultations developing New Media.

Multi-Disciplinary Immersive Filmmaker

Her RIOT prototype has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art Peru, The Future of Storytelling Festival NY and The Festival of the Mind Sheffield. The project went on to be featured in global publications ranging from The Guardian, NBC to The New York Times. RIOT (prototype) is an emotionally responsive, live-action film, which uses A.I. and Machine Learning through facial recognition to navigate though a dangerous riot. The final RIOT project will be exhibited at the V&A Museum 2017.Previous commissions include being the Cultural Lead up to the London 2012 Olympics. She created and facilitated ’Evolution’ film and parkour initiative. Consisting of “Evolve 0.1” Workshops for young people and “Evolution’ An Interactive Installation for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Syncself Part 1. This project went on to become nominated for an HBO Award at the Filmteractive Festival Poland 2013. Karen’s company is IF-Interactive Film. Where Technology meets Storytelling and Wellbeing to create interactive work to empower the user.

Freelance Film Director

Clients include Parkour Generations, Yogoloji, (Y.E.S.) Yoga Education in Schools, London Designer Outlet, Brent Sports Division, Stephen King, Future Shorts, Hours Apart Productions, Channel 4, B.E.T etc..

One of her longest standing clients is Parkour Generations.

Parkour Generations is the world’s largest professional organisation for the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. Working around the world for over a decade, the founding members of Parkour Generations came together to create a vehicle to transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing art form.

She created a series of films for them. Limitless. Women’s International Parkour Weekend. My first parkour class.. . To name a few..

TEDx Speaker and International Public Speaker

2016 Her speaking engagements included Tedx Australia at the Sydney Opera House, The Google Cultural Institute Paris, as part of their Art and Machine Learning Global Summit. Games for Change Festival NY, the International New Media Women Think Tank at Mutek Festival Canada, and Bergan International Festival Norway.

2017 CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival where she spoke about her project RIOT (prototype) under the theme, Art, Technology & Change, that focused on the rising political awareness and activism at the intersection of art, technology and social change.

Previously Karen was a keynote speaker at DiGRA 2015 The World’s leading Academic Digital Games Conference in Germany. Her neurogaming parkour installation Syncself 2 was a key exhibit at Sheffield International Doc Festival 2015. She was a speaker on the Neuroscience in Gaming Panel and discussed her Syncself 2 Neurogame that simulates the process of transcending fear with EEG sensors tech. Consequently there was a glowing article in The Guardian on Karen and the impact of her work. Syncself 2 was exhibited at the V&A as part of the Digital Design Weekend 2014 Karen discussed her artist journey at the WOW Talks.

Workshop Creator & Facilitator

Workshop creating/ facilitating and sharing her knowledge with (young) creatives is important to Karen. 2014-2017 she spoke and taught her Artist Hack workshops on her unique form of Storytelling and Tech at various renowned institutions such as the University of Engineering and Technology Lima (Peru) as part of Radar Creativo, an initiative created by the British Council to develop links between arts, technology and entrepreneurship. The Watershed Pervasive Studio Bristol. Uppsala University Sweden, Fak’ugesi Festival South Africa etc.

Business Consultations developing New Media

Karen is also a passionate consultant to creative SME’s in America and South Africa. Identifying new forms of storytelling and experiences that business can create for their customers.