The Concept

Neurogaming, Film, Technology and Parkour collide to create this dynamic Interactive video installation to inspire and empower the user.

SYNCSELF 2: Focus or Fail

Every wondered what goes on inside the mind of a freeruuner?

Karen Palmer, Freerunner and Digital Artist creates a psychological narrative to show the freerunners challenging fear itself!

Definition of Parkour

Parkour is a discipline that deals with ways to get from one place to another. its main purpose is to traverse mainly urban landscapes by running, climbing and jumping. Traceurs say that parkour also influences one’s thought processes by enhancing self- confidence and critical-thinking skills.

SYNCSELF 2 simulates the focus that a Freerunner experiences to be present in the moment. Freerunners have to constantly update their belief system or personal operating software to overcome the most recent obstacle.

The User like the free runner must focus or fail to overcome the challenges.

The Tech

In an emerging age of wearable tech Karen Palmer has created a project which is on trend combining Technology, Art and Wellbeing to not just inform the user but inspire through storytelling.

The EEG solution digitizes analog electrical brainwaves to power the user-interface of the film. Precisely accurate, the EEG biosensors translate brain activity into action.

The brainwave algorithms high-performance bio-signal create accurate brain activity detection and processing.

The team of programmers from Brunel University have enabled that the raw brain signals concise input then determines the outcome of the film derived from your level of focus.