This Paper World App, currently available to download from the iTunes App Store. This Paper World Podcast, written by Jeff Lane.

The author Jeff Lane has had 285 thousand downloads of his podcasts and been number one on the iTunes podcast chart.

Jim Hunt is a young man with evolving super powers who just wants to be a regular student. But when evil beings (known as “Spoliers”) from another dimension attempt to attack him through his dreams, technology then in person he starts to realize that maybe he was born to protect mankind. But has he the conviction to face Evil and become a “Champion”.

Highly Acclaimed Author Jeff Lane’s Novel ‘This Paper World’ Has Been A Huge Success On The Audiobook Circuit.

In these times of changing audience behaviors that are reshaping the face of the music, television and publishing industries we will create an interactive multi-media App as an innovative interpretation of The Audio Podcast “This Paper World”.

There a huge number of new audience behaviors emerging across different devices.It’s changing the way that people engage with content, from on mobiles and consoles, both on the web and around video.

The audience will determine how they will interact with the story in a unique bespoke way that will enable them to create their own unique experience.